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👨🏽‍🎨 Digital Creative / Designer translating stories into out of the box experiences.

Hi, I am Jamil 👋

During my bachelor UX Design I often wandered, of all the thousands of designers that exist, what distinguishes a good designer from the rest?

During a school project, I researched Apple’s product designer, Jon Ivy, and one of his quotes inspired me: ‘Sweat the details.’

On a good design, every pixel is carefully considered, and thoughtful design choices are made.
Details that most people may not see with the naked eye, but they make the difference between a good design and a top-notch design.

This quote motivates me daily to distinguish myself as a designer from the rest.”



Rōnin Amsterdam

Junior Digital Designer

2023 – present


Website Designer & Developer

2022 – 2023

FCB Amsterdam

Intern - UX Designer

2020 – 2021


Intern - UX Designer

2020 – 2020

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Communication & Multimedia Design

2018 – 2022