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G-Star RAW x SofiTukker 

With their latest Colored Denim campaign, G-Star turned up their heat by collaborating with the vibrant DJ duo SofiTukker. The ask was to enhance this campaign by engaging wih their community through Instagram stories & TikTok reels with a gaming-inspired social experience.

The campaign is focused on 3 different pillars: Introducing the 4 new colors, Introducing SofiTukker & Product Detail Focus


Rōnin Amsterdam


G-Star RAW


  • Concepting
  • Storyboarding
  • Visual Design

The Approach

The content we got delivered consisted mostly out of still images. We made these stills come alive by putting them together in short playfull animations.

The fun and interactive content includes avatar pickers, old-school loaders and flashy text animations.

Typography & Motion Design

To make the stills come alive, we played around with setting typography into motion and putting big typography behind the models, making it dynamic to watch.

    Tik Tok Interviews

    G-star gave us behind the scenes footage. One contained out of an funny interview where Sofi and Tukker ask each other questions. They asked us to edit these fragments so that it can be used for Tiktok.

    Through cut out effects, applying colorfull background colors to the fragments, emphasizing typography and images we made this interview come alive.