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Yuniku, the digital clothing app.

All of your clothing digitalized in 1 place. Easily add new items and share outfits with your friends! Yuniku will create new outfits for you on a daily basis so decide what you are going to wear today!

Intro: Fast Fashion.

Multinational clothing companies like H&M & Zara have new collections instore every week, with the latest copied trends for unrealistic low prices. These items are produced in low-wage countries in Southeast-Asia. The working conditions are inhumane, very bad, and they work day and night for very little money.

This phenomenon is known as ‘Fast Fashion’. That being said, is it the world 2nd biggest polluting industry!

Design Challenge: more awareness.

How can i make the target audience (people between 15-25 years old who buy fast fashion items) more aware of what they are buying online (before they go into the store)  so that on a long term they won’t do impulsive shopping, so that the amount of items they buy on a monthly basis decreases from 4+ items to 2 items a month?

New, fresh outfits.

Yuniku, the digital clothing app. Easily add items to the app and Yuniku will generate different new outfits for you on a daily basis. Yuniku will recognize which items you have never worn or haven’t worn in a while and create new fresh outfits with these items. This way, it becomes far more attractive to wear items you haven’t worn before.

Think before buying.

You can also add new items to the app by uploading or taking a picture. When you do this Yuniku will give you all the possible outfit combinations with this new item, so before you buy it you can already know if it fits your style. The impulsive buying time will be slowed down this way.

Don't waste money.

When adding a new item Yuniku’s software also recognizes if you already have similar items to the one you want to add to your closet. This way you don’t waste money on items you might already have.


Conclusion: Less need for buying new items.

With Yuniku the buying process will be slowed down, because the consumer will consider more things before buying new items and because old items will be relevant to wear again. This way there is less need for buying new items, and this will result in a decrease per person of buying Fast Fashion items monthly.


Each screen, unique.

Each screen is designed thoroughly with the finest details.


Choose which outfit you”l be wearing today

Set up your closet

Add clothing from our database

Outfit details

See from which items your outfit consists

Your items

See all your items in 1 place


Manage your account


See how to combine an item before buying it

Add items

Easily add clothing by taking a picture

Item details

Check details about your item

Share outfits

Easily share outfits with your friends


Dive into details.