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User Experience Design

The quote that motivates me everyday comes from Apple’s product designer, Jon Ivy: ‘Sweat the Details’.


All of your clothing digitalized in 1 place.

Yuniku will make it relevant again to wear items you haven’t worn in a while. It will generate new fresh outfits for you on a daily basis, you can easily add new items and share outfits with your friends.


Creating the Design Library and creating a Figma Template for projects of G-Star

XPLCT Studios

A digital B2B (Business to Business) tool for both XPLCT & especially their retailers that allows both parties to easily keep track of the different steps in the procurement process.


Visual story Telling


Concepting & realisation of the big SofiTukker campaign.

Voyeur Furniture

Custom Web Design + Development for an antique vintage shop in Amsterdam.